Many vendors can sell you hardware and software, but often they don’t understand your needs or don’t understand the products well enough to effectively provide a complete solution.

At Alder we not only know the products we sell inside and out, but we also help you integrate them into your whole workflow. Plus, we will talk with you about your particular situation and needs to help us better integrate new tools into your existing workplace and train you on the proper use and maintenance of these tools.

We can train you on the tools you already have and will show you how existing systems integrate with any new hardware or software you add to it. Our training services are customized specifically for your situation. Plus, we understand that not everyone learns the same way, so we work with you and your team to create applicable, memorable and usable training programs – making employees more efficient and improving your ROI.

While we firmly believe in training you to support your equipment, we also realize manpower, time and equipment needed to do a job correctly isn’t always available. That is why we also offer maintenance programs.